About the Doctors

Licensed Doctor of Chiropractic – Jamie Elze, DC

Dr. Jamie Elze graduated from Palmer Chiropractic where she enhanced her knowledge of the human body and learned various safe techniques for adjusting patients. Before attaining her doctorate Dr. Elze was a well established massage therapist who worked with various Chiropractors throughout the bay area gaining lots of hands on training in various musculoskeletal ailments. Some of her experience includes working sports injuries, scoliosis, post surgical rehab, migraines, vertigo, degenerative disc disease and many more.

Dr. Elze is also board certified to perform Physiotherapy to patients in conjunction with Chiropractic. She has over nine years of experience in various modalities of bodywork and has already adjusted thousands of patients. Her work has great attention to detail. She also keeps in mind the interconnectivity of each individual part of the body in relationship to the overall wellness of the body.

Licensed Doctor of Clinical Psychology – Molly Barnett, PsyD

I’ve been doing psychotherapy for over 13 years, and have witnessed the healing power that arises through a therapeutic relationship. I can be a witness and guide on your journey to reaching your full potential. I first worked as a Masters level clinician (MS in Counseling Psychology with focus on Marriage and Family Therapy) in community mental health settings for 4 years. At this stage, I first recognized the art in both assessment and therapy, as each individual is as unique as a piece of art in both the process and end product of therapy or assessment. Discovering the value of an assessment process peaked my interest in psychological testing, and I pursued a doctoral degree in Clinical Psychology. This helped me hone in on developing assessment skills that has truly been a wonderful tool to gain empowerment in each individual I work with.

To enhance my clinical work, I have also been an adjunct professor and supervisor for doctoral students in assessment and therapy. While I have worked with diverse populations, including some focus with the LGBTQI community, I also have extensive experience and research in treatment and assessment of trauma, mood and anxiety disorders, self-injurious behaviors, and family dynamics.