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Explore an ancient modality that’s gone contemporary. Cupping has been around for many years to help people with sickness and injury. MediCupping™ is a non-invasive pleasant form of vacutherapy that is equivalent to a deep tissue massage. This is a machine assisted modality that helps create suction through cups. This bodywork modality has amazing results that can positively effect the physiology and structure of the body Instead of compressing the tissues like massage, the cups will lift and separate the tissues. This allows for increased blood flow which helps eliminate old debris that can cause stagnation. This wonderful decompression enables water absorption and allows dehydrated tissues to become nourished and revived. Increased blood flow oxygenates the tissues. This promotes optimal nerve, muscle and tissue function, which allows the body to help release any compensatory patterns and restrictions. The body will have less pain, more range of motion and an overall feeling of rejuvenation.

MediCupping™ is not like cupping with Traditional Chinese Medicine. In TCM, the cup is set in one place producing amazing results and petechia. MediCupping™ allows the cups to pull the tissues while gliding across the muscles and tissues. The cups remain in motion whiel pulling the tissues with various techniques. This is a gentle process that does not cause bruising. The goal is to lift and disperse any debris revitalizing the tissues and opening the lymphatic pathways. Some people may experiences redness, but this goes away within a day or two depending on the tissues health.

After Treatment:

1)After treatment it is recommended to relax and not expose yourself to extensive heat (spas, saunas) or cold.

2)Make sure to hydrate. Though this treatment is gentle, it is very detoxifying. Drink lots of water.

3)Avoid heavy exercise the same day of treatment.

Medicupping as shown amazing results with :


*Breaking adhesions from injuries, surgeries, poor postural habits, tight muscles

*Relieve Arthritic pain

*Reduce Scar tissue

*Rid trigger points and “knots”

*Improve circulation

*Decrease cellulite

*Improve lymphatic flow


*Increasing Range of Motion

*Improving skin health

*Digestive issues

*Abdominal bloat