Psychological Services

  • Therapy
  • Psychological testing
  • Parent consultation
  • Coaching

Q & A from Dr. Molly Barnett

What Services do I need?

People often seek psychological services when facing a transition or during an experience of distress. Each individual has their own process and different path to take to gain what they need. I offer a free initial phone consultation to discuss what you are seeking and determine if we could be a good match for therapy, coaching, or psychological testing. Regardless of your individual needs, I will utilize relational and empirically supported interventions to work toward meeting your full potential. We will use a collaborative approach in our work together. Whether it’s getting you through this impasse, or learning to better cope with your ongoing struggles, I will creatively think out of the box to empower you.

I have helped many individuals understand what is getting in the way of learning, and advocate for educational or occupational accommodations to overcome barriers to success (i.e. IEP accommodations, disability benefits). I have also helped others to better utilize their exceptional abilities to qualify for specialized programs (i.e., gifted programs, Mensa). While I am happy to work with individuals with a variety of difficulties, I do have specialized training with teens and young adults who have experienced trauma (i.e. sexual assault, physical abuse, community violence, domestic violence) or have ongoing difficulties with mood or anxiety disorders. Whatever the issue, you have the power to heal and move forward.

How often do I need to have Therapy?

This varies depending on your situation. I have worked with people from diverse backgrounds and of all ages, each having different needs. Sometimes individuals are in personal crisis and require short-term work and other times individuals or families prefer ongoing therapy to work through multiple daily obstacles or historical traumas. Other times, individuals are seeking more clear answers that can be addressed better through psychological testing. Together we will gain a clear understanding of your strengths, put your life situation in perspective, and develop insights into your inner experience.