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Psychological Testing

Psychological Testing

Why would I be interested in psychological testing?

Psychological testing can answer a variety questions and provide you with appropriate recommendations/accommodations. Questions can be about anything ranging from clarity around diagnosis, understanding memory issues, recommendations for treatment needs, or how to meet academic or career goals. I can assess for cognitive, attention, executive, academic, and social-emotional functioning. 

A few examples of referral questions:

Does my child have attention problems?

Why is my child having behavioral problems at school and or at home?

Why do I have problems keeping up with my school work?

Why am I not able to focus? 

Do I qualify for Mensa or gifted program? 

What is the process?

  1. The first step is a Clinical interview (approximately one hour and half). This is my opportunity to get to know you and hone in on your present concerns. I gather relevant history of your experience related to the referral question (or help you identify your question/s). I can assure that these questions would be aimed at gathering information to best support you and provide an accurate report. These questions will touch on your perspective in all the areas (cognitive, attention, executive, academic, and social-emotional functioning) of functioning previously mentioned.
  1. The next step is test administration.  After the clinical interview, I am able to formulate a plan to choose tests that aid in answering the referral question. The tests are usually in the form of a self-report measure and performance-based tests.  The tests results can pull different areas of strengths and weaknesses, learning styles, personality traits, etc… The tasks are one-on-one, generally engaging, and offer a variety of activities.  The majority of psychological tests are standardized and normed.  After testing, the scores are interpreted and integrated into a comprehensive report.  The length of time spent on administration will depend on the tests chosen to answer your question.  This can range from a brief hour to a comprehensive full battery up to 10 hours (broken up into separate sessions).
  1. A feedback session will be scheduled to discuss the results and collaborate the findings with you before finalizing the report. The feedback session will include an answer to question and recommendations.

Please let me know if there are any specific questions you have about this process. I look forward to beginning this process with you.