Bodywork Rehabilitation

If you have segments in your spine or extremities that are not moving properly chances are the body has developed ways to compensate for the lack of motion. This means one part of the body is being over worked while other areas began to weaken. Part of functional rehabilitation is identifying what needs strengthening and what muscles need lengthening and why.

Left twist with left leg bent - Marichyasana left - Yoga Poses from

Hero pose, upper left hand grab - Gomukha Virasana left - Yoga Poses from

Wind Liberating pose both legs - Pavanamuktasana - Yoga Poses from

Rehab is about correcting muscular imbalances so the body can function correctly and perform at its best. Dr. Elze has been trained in establishing corrective exercise protocols. She will identify muscular imbalances and create a specific rehab program for each individual. This will create balance and decrease your chances of having the same problem again.

Seated Forward Fold - Paschimottanasana Yoga poses from

Intense left stretch pose - Parsvottanasana intense left - Yoga Poses from

Half Moon pose left - Ardha Chandrasana left - Yoga Poses from