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Strength, Stability, & Mobility Sessions

Strength, Stability, & Mobility Sessions

It’s no surprise movement is a key component to healthy living.  Exercise can positively affect every system in our body and strengthens brain function. Many clients have benefited from these highly effective personalized sessions based on the findings of the brain lobe assessment, movement assessment and neurological exam.  Sometimes certain parts of the brain need more activation to provide better movement and overall function.   These sessions focus on the pathways involved with movement, balance, and core activation.  You will build strength in the deeper core stabilizing muscles while sparing the spine. This decreases chances of falls and pain in the future.   Not only can this be an excellent core or cardio strengthening session, but you will also learn how to properly exercise and assess your own self with what needs focus.

You gain more awareness about how your body moves and what you need to do to have your muscles move harmony.  An added bonus about these exercises is they can also help with better cognitive function, sleep, and anxiety. Along with accomplishing goals you will notice a positive impact on your overall mental health. Clients usually gain better cognitive function, sleep and less anxiety. The timeline to achieve goals varies and depends on the goal and the patient’s commitment.

These sessions have been very successful in the following:

  • Weight loss / healthy lifestyle change
  • Pain management
  • Increasing range of motion
  • Prevention of falls or other injury
  • Balance strengthening
  • Improved strength
  • Learning proper form with exercises to protect the spine
  • Recreating new movement patterns to help keep the body out of pain
  • Improving mental wellness (improving mood, decreasing anxiety, improving sleep, heightened energy, self-confidence)
  • Decreasing blood sugar levels
  • Attention issues
  • Cardiovascular health
  • Diabetes prevention